What are the race details (date, time, location)?

    • Date – Saturday, May 19th
    • Time – 9am to Noon
    • 9am – Regular race starting times begin
    • 10am – Approximate starting time of after-race festivities with food, music, games, and prizes
    • Location – West Jordan Veteran’s Memorial Park

What do I get included with my registration fee?

In addition to the obstacle race, you also receive a race T-shirt, and there are a lot of free things that runners get at the after-race party; such as drinks, snacks, entrance into a lot of prize drawings, and a free attempt for all the different games and activities.

How is it possible that this is only $10?

Well remember the entry fee goes up to $20 on May 1st so act quickly to get this crazy low price. However, there are 2 reasons the entry fee is so low. First, and most importantly, our main source of income comes from fundraising that is done by runners (individuals and groups). When you sign up online a fundraising page is created for you as part of that process. It then provides an easy way for runners to share that page/link with people they know asking for a donation in support of them, their school, and the foundation as they tackle The Challenge Obstacle Race. While there is no requirement to fund raise and no minimum amount that has to be reached our recommendation is for runners to set a goal of at least $50. Second, our number one priority is to build the race to 1,000+ participants. As our runner base grows we are better able to leverage businesses in the community for sponsorships (money, prizes, free give-aways, etc.) and the best way to build a big, strong runner base is by offering a value that far exceeds other races out there.

Who generally runs this race?

This is a race for anyone. This is a perfect family race. We have a lot of teachers, students, and family members from the 53 schools in Jordan School District since 100% of all the funds raised are given back as classroom grants. However, we also have many community members who come to support the great cause and others who come simply because it is such a fun race and party. Last year we had participants from all over Utah and even some as far away as Spain.

Are there medals for winners of different age divisions?

For the vast majority of participants, The Challenge Obstacle Race in an untimed, non-competitive event. Thus, there are no divisions and no medals. However, in 2017, for the first time there is a competitive option being promoted through the high schools (possibly a team relay – and totally for bragging rights). This option would start at 8am. Final details are still being determined. If you have interest to participate in some kind of competitive section. Please send an email to JEFchallenge@gmail.com.

How hard is this obstacle race? Can anyone do it?

Most anyone can do this race. This is not the kind of race that you need to specifically train to participate in. It is challenging but it is not excessive or crazy. In addition, you do not have to do all obstacles. If you don’t want to run thru the mud, or climb the leaning walls, or brave the 130 ft blow-up obstacle with the 16 ft slide, simply go around. If you don’t want to the water slide down the hill run on the grass instead. Don’t let the idea that “I am not a runner” stop you. This is a race for everyone.

How young can someone be and run this race?

Our recommendation is for kids 8 and up. But we have had kids as young as 5 participate. Just make sure there is a parent running with younger children.

Since this race is for charity, what happens to the money that is raised by this race?

100% of all funds raised go to classroom grants to teachers in the Jordan School District.

What is going on after the race?

Music, food, games, prizes. Don’t miss out. Even if you are not running come along and enjoy the party.

When I register why does it ask which school I am associated with and then if I am part of any Teacher/Club/Group?

    • The school that gets the most runners, in comparison to their size, is declared the “The Challenge Champion”. They receive The Challenge Trophy and are given a $2,500 grant sponsored by Genesis Dental, and they have massive bragging rights for the entire year.
    • In addition, any teacher that runs the race and gets at least 25 total runners is guaranteed to receive a $250 classroom grant from the foundation. Any teachers who creates a team and fundraises over $500 will receive 100% of that back as a classroom grant.
    • Also, some schools are doing competitions within the school to see which group or club can get the most runners.