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The Challenge is…

#1 – Obstacle Course Race

#2 – A Festival

#3 – A Fundraising Drive
which is sponsored by the Jordan Education Foundation. All proceeds go to classroom grants right here in the local schools of the Jordan School District. Last year we were able to give over $267,000!! We believe we can make a real difference while having a VERY FUN TIME!! The Challenge allows you to support education by climbing a wall, hurdling a barricade, navigating a 130 foot long -16 foot high blow up obstacle, and slip-sliding down a hill. Come join us for this and a whole lot more!!


The Challenge is Saturday, May 11th
The Race starts at 9am
The Festival runs from about 10am-Noon


Veteran’s Memorial Park in West Jordan
8030 South 1825 West


The Challenge is for everyone! This is a perfect family event. You can participate in any one of the events (Obstacle Run, Festival, Fundraising) or in all three. This is not the kind of race that you need to specifically train to participate in. It is challenging but it is not excessive or crazy. In addition, you do not have to do all the obstacles. If you don’t want to run thru the mud, or climb the leaning walls, or brave any of the other obstacles, simply go around. Don’t let the idea that “I am not a runner” stop you. This is a race for everyone. Our age recommendation is for anyone 8 and up. But we have had kids much younger participate (we even had a father carry his baby in a chest harness). Just make sure there is a parent running with younger children.
Those who come to the festival and participate in the online fundraising campaign are a lot like those who run the obstacle course. We have a lot of teachers, students, and family members from the 57 schools in Jordan School District. In addition, we also have many community members who come to support the great cause and others who come simply because it is such a fun race and party. Last year we had participants from all over Utah and even some as far away as Spain.


Sign up right here!! Sign Up right now!! You can sign up to run the race, participate in the online fundraising, or both. Just click on the Register link and it will walk you through the whole process.

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Our Sponsor

We wanted to say thanks to our Sponsor Genesis dental for everything that they have done for the Jordan Education Foundation